WoodWorks Mass Timber Construction Demo at the Mass Timber Conference

International Mass Timber Conference
February 1, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US West

For the first time, WoodWorks and collaborators are bringing a mass timber mock-up live demonstration to the International Mass Timber Conference exhibit hall floor. Come see professionals build this mass timber structure — live — on Tuesday, March 28, only at the world’s largest mass timber event. Carpenters from the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute completed the build out of their WoodWorks provided mock-up (funded by Softwood Lumber Board and USDA-U.S. Forest Service). WoodWorks Mass Timber Construction Management Program seeks to engage with training centers, contractors, and community colleges to support the development of mass timber installation training programs across the United States. Learn more about the program in the demonstration area in the exhibit hall, or at WoodWorks’ booth #440.

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