Working together using science to support caribou recovery

Derek Neighbour, FPAC
Cowichan Valley Citizen
October 31, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Derek Neighbour

Many in the forest sector read with interest the recent opinion editorial by David Suzuki regarding caribou. Like all Canadians, those of us in the natural resource sector want to ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to help caribou recovery and, like many environmental organizations, believe decisions must be based on sound science and the most recent research. …Although caribou are commonly referred to as “indicator” or “umbrella” species due to their large range requirements, there is little scientific evidence in support of caribou being an effective indicator of biodiversity. Caution should be exercised as factors influencing population dynamics are numerous and complex. You would not conclude that environmental conditions are worsening based one indicator. …These are complex problems that require, science-based solutions that also consider the potential impacts on other species in the forest, as well as the thousands of workers and their families in Ontario and across Canada who could be impacted.

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