BCFSC Forest Incident Reporting System aka BCFSC FIRS App

BC Forest Safety Council
May 24, 2024
Category: Special Feature
Region: Canada, Canada West

The BCFSC FIRS App is a FREE forms management mobile application designed to reduce the amount of safety-related paperwork and administrative work required in the field. The app can be used with both iOS or Android mobile devices and assists SAFE Certified companies in streamlining and consequently reducing the amount of safety-related paperwork and administrative work required in the field.

The online forms portal supports record keeping requirements for small BC forestry employers and contractors in building and maintaining SAFE Company Certification.

The key features include:

  • Support SAFE Companies Audit submission requirements
  • Auto storage of SAFE Companies forms for record keeping
  • Access to SAFE Companies audit documents
  • Storage of company Safe Work Procedures so workers can access in field (available on and offline)
  • Submit the records/reports to clients/stakeholders (if applicable)
  • Talk to text enabled to reduce typing
  • Upload photos
  • Role based access and tasks
  • Due tasks highlighted
  • Maintain training profiles and records for workers
  • Manage worker orientation and observations
  • Manage equipment logs
  • Store meeting minutes
  • Easy incident reporting system for injuries, near misses, hazards, wildlife encounters, harassment and property damage
  • Available on and offline with auto sync


The FIRS App also has a desktop dashboard to access information uploaded and saved from mobile devices and offers the option to download records in PDF format.

The BCFSC FIRS App is available through the App store for Android and iOS devices. Just go to the App store on your device and search for BCFSC FIRS to download the FREE App. To access the BCFSC FIRS App, you will require a FIRS account. For security purposes, BCFSC will need to confirm your SAFE Certified Company first by emailing your registration request to FIRS@bcforestsage.org. Registrations will be reviewed by BCFSC and once approved, your account will be established. An invitation email will be sent to your inbox where you can then set up your FIRS account with your registration details.


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