Climate change denial bullying declining — but not fast enough

By Suzanne Simard and Steph Troughton
The Vancouver Sun
February 27, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

In recent years, a noteworthy shift has occurred in the conversations surrounding climate change. What was once a landscape overflowing with blatant denial and misinformation has gradually transformed into a more balanced science-based discussion. The era of climate change denial is slowly waning, and in its place, is a growing recognition of the urgent need for action. …The reason for this shift is clear: The evidence supporting the reality of climate change has become overwhelming. Scientists from the University of B.C.’s faculty of forestry are among those speaking out about the world’s climate crisis. Hydrology expert and pioneer of applying the probabilistic framework of attribution science to flood risk, Dr. Younes Alila reminds us that climate change and clearcut logging undeniably contribute to record-breaking floods and droughts. His team’s research routinely shows B.C.’s heightened risk from climate and land-use changes are exacerbated by forest cover loss.

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