Enhancing Forest Industry Safety: A Spotlight on BCFSC Forestry Resources

BC Forest Safety Council
May 24, 2024
Category: Special Feature
Region: Canada West

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) works closely with industry partners, employers, workers, and regulators to develop comprehensive safety programs, training and resources specifically tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by BC forestry workers.

Accessing BCFSC resources, tools and downloadable materials from the BCFSC website can help enhance the skills and knowledge required to perform a job safely as well as foster a positive and proactive workplace safety culture.

Resources for All Roles in the Forest Industry: Workers, supervisors, employers and auditors can all find safety-related resources designed to meet specific job requirements.

Skill Enhancement and Safety Culture: BCFSC offers training courses, webinars, videos and tools to support safe work best practices for silviculture, harvesting and wood products manufacturing.

Research and Regulations: BCFSC has an extensive library of research reports and industry statistics to measure industry progress. Updates and changes OHS Regulations are closely monitored to ensure information is available to industry.

The list below offers direct links to some of the most frequented sections of the BCFSC website.

  • Audit Support: This section provides forms and templates to help you prepare and conduct safety audits for your company or workplace.
  • Crew Talks: This section offers short and engaging safety talks that you can use to start your meetings, shifts, or safety discussions.
  • Emergency Response Planning: This section helps you develop and implement effective emergency response plans and prepare for various scenarios and situations.
  • Incident Reporting: This section explains how to access BCFSC support for managing a serious incident investigation and templates for incident reporting and investigation.
  • Safety Tips & Tools: This section provides practical and useful tips and tools to help you improve your safety awareness and performance.
  • Worker Assessments: This section helps you assess the competency and knowledge of your workers in different roles and tasks.


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