New Initiative Calls on British Columbians to Stand Up For Forestry

Forestry Works for BC
June 3, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – A new grassroots initiative is encouraging British Columbians to be better informed on B.C’.s forest sector and take action through various activities including  online letters and informing local governments to raise the importance of forestry to British Columbians.

Across the province, small, medium and large forest companies, family-owned enterprises and local businesses have joined forces through ForestryWorksForBC, a new grassroots initiative to address the sectors’ uncertain future and its impact on British Columbians and communities that rely on the revenues from forestry to support critical services like roads, schools, and health care.

“Forestry matters in every corner ​of B.C., from hospitals, schools and roads and communities; forest jobs and forest revenues have been the foundation of all that we hold dear in this province,” said Bob Brash, executive director of the Truck Loggers Association. “Ensuring reliable and timely access to the allowable annual cut (AAC) means we can build affordable, climate-friendly homes for British Columbians; and we can keep people in their homes and communities with good paying jobs.”

In the last 20 years nearly half of all B.C. sawmills have closed. Some of this is the result of natural forces like wildfire and mountain​ pine beetle but increasing policy changes and escalating complexity have created instability and reduced cutting permits and investment. Today harvest levels are less than 60 per of the AAC set by the Province’s chief forester.

Dean Garofano, president and chief operating officer at Delta Forestry Group, has been conducting crew talks across the company and hanging posters around the mill to build momentum for the campaign. “Our workers see the lack of logs coming in, and they are concerned about the future not just for themselves but the communities they call home,” said Garofano.  “This initiative gives everyone who cares about forestry and the future of this province a voice – when BC’s forest sector does well, we all do better.”

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